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FAQs for Hotels

Why use DiningList.com to recommend restaurants to my hotel guests?

DiningList.com offers the best possible guest experience whenever your hotel guests ask for restaurant recommendations. And DiningList.com is 100% free for hotels, world-wide.

In the past, when guests asked for restaurant recommendations, it almost always led to a poor guest experience. Hotels tried everything from handing out menus, to giving out long lists of nearby restaurants, to hand-drawing maps to favorite restaurants. But guests wanted more. They wanted to see restaurant pictures, prices, reviews and online directions right from their phones.

DiningList.com gives hotel guests exactly what guests want: A list of the hotel’s carefully chosen restaurants, showing pictures, hours, prices, ratings, reviews and online map directions right on the guest’s phone.

Is DiningList.com difficult to start or use?

It is super easy and 100% free! You pick 10-15 of the hotel’s favorite nearby restaurants. We automatically add restaurant details like pictures, hours, costs and online map directions. You pick star-ratings and add some personalized comments. That’s it! In 30 minutes, the hotel is live and ready to give their next guest the very best guest experience when they ask for restaurant recommendations.

How do guests use DiningList.com?

We made it super easy for guests, too! Whenever hotel staff are asked for their restaurant recommendations, staff simply tell guests the hotel has put together its list of favorite local restaurants at DiningList.com under the hotel’s name. To help inform guests, we send hotels business cards to hand out at guest check-in, or when guests ask for restaurant recommendations.

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Is DiningList.com an app?

No, DiningList.com is NOT an app. Each list is a simple, elegant web page. A web page loads on a guest’s phone in seconds.

DiningList.com is perfect for guests because the hotel picks the best nearby restaurants. Each list is more personalized to your clientele than either Yelp or TripAdvisor. There is simply no better way for you to give your guests a better guest experience when they ask about restaurant recommendations.

Is it free to make a list?

Yes. DiningList.com is 100% free for hotels. It’s even better than free! Use DiningList.com and your hotel can earn $25 gift certificates from participating restaurants on your list. The more you recommend restaurants to your guests, the more those restaurants send you $25 gift certificates. You can then give those gift certificates at the GM’s discretion to employees or to guests.

How do I start?

Just create your list of recommended local restaurants. It is 100% free. Pick your 10-15 favorite local restaurants, choose from the picture options we have, set your own star-ratings, add a few words to personalize your selection and you are done! We then automatically add map directions, costs, address, phone number, hours, etc. We have nearly every restaurant on the planet in our database. It takes 30 minutes to sign-up and create your list.

How many restaurants should I recommend?

We suggest 10-15 restaurants. 10-15 offers your guests a broad, but not overwhelming selection. Travelers prefer local restaurants, but you can recommend whatever restaurant is right for your clientele. Hotel general managers have complete control over which restaurants are recommended.

After I make my list, then what?

Once you create your list, just tell your hotel guests about it! To help you do that, we send you posters, staff instructions, and cards to hand out with hotel key-cards, or to guests when they ask about restaurant recommendations.

The cards are 100% free for your hotel. We produce them and mail them to you. We also offer a version that can include your wifi code.

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Restaurants are added to any hotel’s list 100% free. Always. They never have to pay to be on a hotel’s recommendation list. But once a restaurant is added to a hotel’s list, the restaurant can optionally upgrade to have their restaurant shown higher on that list.

Smart restaurants choose to upgrade because they know list placement matters. Guests choose a restaurant shown higher on a list three to five times more often than one shown lower on a list. So, restaurants upgrade to show as high as possible on your list. The upgrade option is entirely non-intrusive to your guests. Our upgrade simply allows the restaurants to show higher on your list. Non-upgrading restaurants are still always shown for free. But they are shown lower on your list below upgrading restaurants. We make our money when restaurants upgrade.

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<-- Upgrades = Higher + Details shown

Non-Upgrades = Lower + Click for details -->

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If list placement matters, can my on-property restaurant show first?

Absolutely. We give every hotel the option to place one restaurant at the top of their list for free. This is ideal for hotels with a restaurant on property. With DiningList.com, hotels are assured that their on-property restaurant is always promoted to guests first before any other nearby restaurants.

The restaurant upgrade is optional. If a restaurant does upgrade, the hotel benefits and so does DiningList.com

For Hotels: When restaurants upgrade, your hotel can receive $25 gift certificates from that restaurant, based on how many guests you refer. The more guests you refer, the more $25 gift certificates your hotel gets. Each general manager can subsequently distribute earned gift certificates however he/she determines. Most general managers use the gift certificates to reward hotel employees or thank loyal guests. We email gift certificates to the hotel general manager at the beginning of each month.

For DiningList.com: We charge upgrading restaurants a 15% fee on the face value of the gift certificates they give you (e.g. eight $25 gift certificates cost the restaurant $30 through our system). We handle all the gift certificate tracking and production.

How do the $25 gift certificates work?

The more guests who view your hotel’s DiningList, the more $25 gift certificates your hotel gets. At the beginning of each month, we send hotel general managers any earned gift certificates. The general manager can print them off and give them to employees or guests at their discretion. Each gift certificate is then used as a cash equivalent when paying a dining bill back at the very same restaurant that issued the gift certificate to the hotel.

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So I give the $25 gift certificates to hotel employees?

Your hotel staff works hard and we know you are always looking for ways to retain them and keep them happy. Giving out $25 restaurant gift certificates should help!

Each hotel general manager has complete discretion on how he/she wishes to hand-out earned $25 gift certificates. Many hotel general managers DO give the gift certificates to employees as an employee incentive. Upgrading restaurants agree to accept up to two gift certificates (that’s $50) per table. For many restaurants, $50 in gift certificates will cover nearly the entire cost of a meal for two people.

We do provide each hotel with a poster that explains the benefits of the program and the gift certificates to hotel employees.

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